Sunday, March 28, 2010

compare and contrast - living in city or small town?

          If in former time, many people prefer to live in city, but nowadays , amount of people prefer to live in small town is increased and the percentage is going to be same with people that prefer to live in city. This is because of some  factors that make them to choose to live either in city or small town. There are few similarities but there a lot of differences between those two type of living. The main aspects comparing these two type of living are transportation, environment and educational institutions.
          Every people have their own rights to choose to live in city or small town. First aspect that we can see between this to type of living is their transportation. The transportation in city is numerous and more facilitate people than transportation in small city. As an example in Kuala Lumpur, we can get many type of transportation there such rapid buses, taxi, monorail and light rail transit (LRT).If in small city, there not many choices of transportation like in city which usually just have buses and taxi. In town, many of people have their own transportation but some of them use public transport to go to some places like example to go to office and school because they want to avoid from traffic jammed.
          On other sides, we can see from their environment. In city , their environment is more different than in small town which is in small town is more calm than city. In city, we can see all people is fast in doing everything including way of they walk. this is because they are chase the time because living in city ,they cannot waste a time because the time is like a gold even a second. It is different with way of life in small city. Their environment not same like living in city which their life is not as busy as people that living in city.
          Other comparision we can see between these two type of living is educational institutions. All of us know that opportunity to study is city is more than in small town. This is because th educational institutions in city is more than small town like schools and universities. We can look an example in city, there are many universities provided in city, not in small town. Example, Malaysia International Islamic Universities (UIAM) which is located in Petaling Jaya and University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in Bangi and of course the first choices of student is to study in city than small town. The similarities of this two type of living is job opportunities. There are a lot of job opportunities in city and small town but in different field. Like example in town their job is mostly about development but in small city is more focus on agriculture, farming and fishery.
          As a conclusion, living in city is better than living in small town.Besides following current modernization, there are more easier life even the cost are more higher in city. For me as student, there are more choices of educational institutions and job opportunities. Eventhough living in small town is more calm,but there are still have scarcity compared living in city.


  1. you have a good essay and not have many mistake so,keep it up...........

  2. to or two
    this is because = This is because
    to study is city = to study in city
    th educational = the educational
    there are are = there are